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IT specialist, who love to explore the world of Information Technology. At the age of 18, I started out with my first challenge of fixing an old desktop computer, Intel Pentium 2; which I had found in the garbage from my neighborhood. With my curiosity and hands on, I was able to fix it and boot up with windows 98 operating system. And thereby I continued exploring and expanding my understanding. With this developing into a full-blown passion-activity, in April 2004, I graduated with Diploma in Computer System and Networking Technology at AMA Computer Learning Center. From there I further pursued my studies in Information Technology and in March 2010, I graduated with Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Sciences with Major in Information Technology at Western Mindanao State University.

From there I ventured overseas to enrich my self with working in a global business environment in ME. From 2013 to 2015, I worked in Doha – Qatar as IT Support Engineer. From there I relocated to Dubai the tourist magnet of ME.

Arnobyte is a result of my passion and professionalism, designed to meet the diversified and ever-growing challenges and demands for a complete IT solution available under one roof. The under one roof concept originates from the idea that today’s IT challenges, while diversified are interrelated and to overcome these challenges what is required is a single mind able to view the bigger picture and present complete package solution to the satisfaction of the client.

Technical Skills

few fun facts

I love cooking and eating Filipino foods and other Asian and Western cuisines. My goal is to travel 20 best countries before I will reach 40 and so far I have visited 8.

I love to explore nature where I find my inner peace, my favorite number is 28, I’m a big fan of UFC and Boxing, I play billiard and dart, I do mountain climbing , biking and fishing catching fish in the sea or in the river, extreme sport is an area of interest, I am addicted to the thrill that it brings and last but not least my favorite book is the Holy Bible.

My Philosophy – ” To journey life, believing God is with me, fulfilling my purpose of my existence by helping others and entrusting all in God hands all for his Glory.”